5-oh! Not 50. 5-oh.

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Oh god yes, Daniel Dae Kim was exactly what I needed to purge my mind of Numb3rs.



Thirteen-the numb3r of times I seriously considered bashing my head in.

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I wanted to like Numb3rs. I really did. I love math, statistics, all that junk, and even though I know this show is not by far the best representation of how math actually works (some episodes have made me actually laugh out loud), it’s cool that at least people can get some idea of how math can be applied in real life, and yes, can even be exciting.

But last night I rewatched an episode (instead of watching Law and Order SVU UGHHHHH) and was reminded of all of the reasons why I can’t watch that show, at least not past the first and half a seasons.

-Megan is so fucking annoying. I put up with Diane Farr for maybe ten episodes but eventually I couldn’t take it. Apparently she does leave later in the series so thank god for that. Still probably never going to actually get back into numb3rs though.

-The actual math used in this episode is so basic I assume any halfway-respectable law enforcement establishment would be using it anyway. Then again, perhaps I am overestimating the abilities of this country’s law enforcement. IDK. Nothing really genius or exciting, I’ve seen this stuff on shows like NCIS ffs. I did like the numerology bits though, too bad Charlie had to be an absolute dick about it. (did you end up banging your former Ph.D student because literally nobody else in the college could stand you? Because that makes sense.)

-Dad. Leave your fucking kid alone, he’s consulting on an FBI case and he doesn’t have time to go over whatever math equation is bugging you. Instead of wasting my time with this nonsense you could have developed more about the guy’s motivation for making “apostles” (does he have some kind of higher degree in math? what was the trigger? Absolutely no background about him, he gets maybe two minutes of on screen time, and instead we’re fed this drivel.)

-Okay seriously Amita, the whole “oh, so you think she’s pretty?” spiel is just petty and stupid. Although you ended up doing your Ph.D adviser so I can see how you might have some issues going on. FTR, this is bad character development unless you are deliberately trying to make someone look jealous and insecure.

tl;dr, I should have gone with SVU.

Please don’t kill him, he’s a turtle.

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Elementary is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

denim or leather? it’s the question that’s haunted mankind for centuries.

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So I’ve kind of been bouncing back and forth between this and lj (tried dreamwidth for a while, but I could never get the layout just right and if things aren’t just right I get crabby). I feel like keeping up with two blogs would be exhausting and a bad idea but at the same time, there are things about both of these sites that I really like.

wordpress pros:
-more…connected to the real world idk, maybe because most people who blog here use their names whereas on lj your name is your journal so it feels more impersonal.
– i really like my layout just how it is.
-posting just seems easier to do.

lj pros:
-userpics. I love love having icons that can express my mood perfectly. such as:

(wordpress, if you can include some kind of update in the near future that also allows you to do this, i will love you forever)

-the music/location/mood buttons. usually i ignore them, but they’re fun to fill out.


I’m probably just going to keep this one up but it would be cool if they somehow merged livejournal + wordpress aspects. Not going to happen, but I can dream right?

scoring two goals at old trafford is kind of our thing.

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And nobody ever said anything about conceding them.

This photo kind of makes me like Ömer that much more.

Part of me is all ‘who the fuck even cares it was Manchester fucking United, a team whose forward pairing is probably worth more than our starting eleven put together (only slight exaggeration)’ but the other part of me is kind of furious because what the actual fuck was that shoddy defense we paraded out at Old Trafford today.

On the other other hand, we did score two goals so it wasn’t as embarrassing as say, other CL games in ot-as-distant-as-I-would-like memory.

And honestly, as long as we take care of the other games and put on a good show at home, I see absolutely no reason why we won’t qualify for the round of 16.



oh come on, nobody that attractive could possibly play for us.

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how is it even possible that his hair is so perfect WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

I just hope that whatever happens in England tomorrow, everyone uses it as an excuse to get as drunk as possible. The fans, I mean.

The view from the top is the best.

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That PPG is just siiiiick.

That PPG is just siiiiick.



2-0 against RSL, EJ and Deuce came off the bench in the second half. I love this team sfm.